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Annual Meeting Announcement:  You’re invited to the Three Rivers Annual Meeting on May 10, 5:30 PM. Members will be asked to vote on a By-law change. For complete changes, please click here, email us at info@3rlt.org, or call us at (207) 370-4191 if you need a copy mailed to you. The proposed By-laws amendments seek to: (1) rewrite the section on committees to conform with what are the current standing committees and their current responsibilities; and (2) revise the By-laws to conform to actual practices with respect to voting by email.

Three Rivers Land Trust was founded in 2000 by a small group of citizens in concerned about the sale of thousands of acres in the area that were subsequently developed into house lots. Acres and acres of prime farmland and working forests were lost to our communities forever. In order to prevent something like this from happening again, the land trust was begun, and since then Three Rivers has conserved around 2,210 acres of public and private land, and now owns an additional 469 acres. Learn more about us here. We hold our board meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, 6 PM, at our office at the Beehive building in Alfred, 11 Oak Street, Suite 8. Members are welcome to attend.

Have you heard about the Romac Orchard project? Please visit our page for more information or contact Ruth Gutman at threeriverslandtrust@icloud.com  or (207) 370-4191. We are raising funds to save this special spot in Acton, which so many of us remember from our childhoods, and we need your support! Also visit our Facebook page for more info. Thank you, and help us spread the word!

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