6 Reasons to Attend our Demonstration of Traditional Wood Skills

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What are you doing on October 1? Consider attending our traditional wood skills demonstration at Hobbs Farm (651 Foxes Ridge Road, Acton, ME) from 1-3pm. If you already have experience with these skills, or if you’ve never picked up an ax, you’ll be able to see experts demonstrate horse logging, hand hewing, timber framing, sawmilling, and draw knife carving.

Need more convincing?

Here are 6 reasons to attend our demonstration of traditional wood skills:

1. Horse logging. This is an eco-friendly form of logging because animal feet are less damaging to the soil than steel tracks. Furthermore, horses are fueled by grain and hay and their “exhaust” is beneficial, versus large vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels and emit harmful exhaust. Come to the event and see horses in action!

2. Hand hewing. Builders who use hand hewn wood, as opposed to milled wood, are reusing wood which makes it an eco-friendly building option. Thanks to the use of handheld tools each log has its own character and feel. Those who attend our event will see a demonstration of hand hewing techniques.

3. Timber framing. Timber-frame construction techniques have been in use for hundreds of years throughout the world; they were initially brought to North America by European settlers. Usually, joints of this type are held together with exposed wedges or pegs and have the additional benefit of great strength. Come learn more about timber framing from our experienced builder.

4. Sawmilling. Maybe you’re thinking of buying a portable sawmill, or you’ve always been intrigued by the process. Come check one out in person and see it in action.

5. Draw knife carving. A draw knife is a traditional, hand held woodworking tool that is used to shape wood by removing shavings. A skilled woodworker will be on hand to demonstrate draw knife carving skills and safety.

6. Enjoy one of Three Rivers Land Trust’s signature properties. The event will be held at Hobbs Farm. While at the 170 acre farm you can enjoy hiking trails that feature a high value wetland.

Do you have traditional woodworking skills? Tell us about your favorite woodworking project on our Facebook page.

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