Hansen Pond Preserve

Views of the trail and the pond

The 1.2 mile Hansen Pond Trail is still under construction. We plan to hold a trail opening on Sunday, November 22 at 12 PM. Stay tuned!

Directions: The parking area is on the east side of H Road, 0.3 miles north of Anderson Cove Rd (and 2.2 miles north of Romac Orchard). The google map location is shown here. The location shows up on most maps as the intersection of H Road and “Hansen Pond Road”. Please note that Hansen Pond Road is not accessible, even though it might show up on some maps as a driveable road.

The trail should be open for skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiles this winter, as well. In the meantime, walkers should be prepared for some rough spots. The trail offers walks through the woods, a scenic view from the old logging road, and ends at an overlook to the pond.