Salmon Falls Reserve

Walking trail is open to the public all year. Pass at your own risk.

Natural Features
The Preserve has stunning frontage on the Salmon Falls River just above a beautiful falls, dam, and old mill property located in New Hampshire. An inventory of plants on the property has begun. To date no rare or unusual plant or plant communities have been located. The forest is a mix of conifers, mostly hemlocks along the river, and deciduous trees on the upland slopes.

The Property and trail are managed by Three Rivers Land Trust volunteers.


Finding it:map

The Salmon Falls Preserve Trail runs about 350 feet from Prospect Hill
Road just south of the cemetery to where the property opens up. At that
point the trail branches. If you turn right you head downhill to the
river edge where you meet up with a well-established, narrow walking
trail along the river. Follow the river by turning left and heading
southerly. Before the Preserve ends the walking trail turns inland and uphill, making a loop back to where you began.


Pass at Your Own Risk
Carry In – Carry Out

Dogs must be under control
No fires allowed
No motorized vehicles

PLEASE Respect the neighbors and REPORT ANY PROBLEMS TO