Spending Time in Nature: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important

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spending time in nature

I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir. You already know why being outdoors is important. But, just in case you need a reason to load the dog in the car and take a walk, here you go. If you don’t need a reason, maybe a friend or neighbor does. So, consider this post your talking points to convince him/her why spending time in nature is important.

4 Reasons Spending Time in Nature is Important:

1. Being outdoors gets you away from what may be stressing you out. Your home and work place can hold a lot of stress. Taking a short walk outside (or even just a few deeps breaths sitting on a park bench) may be enough to clear your head.

Lots of research has been done on the psychological benefits of spending time in nature. Here are some links on the topic to check out:

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2. Raise the next generation of conservationists and environmentalists. Our environment needs advocates, and long after we’re gone it is still going to require passionate voices on its behalf. So, invite your favorite niece, nephew, neighbor or pint-sized friend to join your for a walk in the woods. Talk about what you see, pick up leaves, and watch birds. The small investment of your time today can pay dividends in years to come.

3. You need exercise (and your dog does too). You know that obesity is a problem in our country, and you know that exercise is a great way to fight the disease. Even if you’re not obese, going for a stroll stretches your muscles and benefits your cardiovascular system.

And this isn’t only true for humans; the same is true for your dog. Fido needs exercise as much as you do.

4. Sunshine and fresh air are also good for your health. The American Cancer Society reports that Vitamin D may play an important role in preventing cancer. Sunshine is a great way to soak in that required Vitamin D. But use caution! If you’re going to be outside for a longer stretch of time, then use sunblock to protect your skin because prolonged exposure to sunlight is a risk factor for skin cancer.

Fresh oxygen boosts your immune system, energy level, and mood.

There are so many more reasons for spending time in nature! What are your reasons? Share them on our Facebook page.

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